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Another Ripped Off

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:angry2: I know jealous people will steal most anything but.......what good does it do anyone to steal part of a pit grill during the award cermonony? I am a 66 yr. old cooker who only cooks for fun...sometime winning....more time burning. My 64 yo wife and I cooked in a local cookoff Sat. and this morning when cleaning our pit discovered some A-- H--- stole the end grill from our pit. Our little pit was build for us and the piece is a triangle part useless to anyone unless they used the same weilder. It took us 5 yrs. just to save up enough money for the pit and now it is not the same pit. In the past we have had knives, pots, and even another pit stolen but this takes the cake. The cook-off was in Alvin,Tx. and REWARD is offered for information that will insure return.

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