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Cobalt Pieces - New Or Vintage?

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I have a question about the stamps -

On the bottom of my 3 pieces, "fiesta" is all in lowercase letters, which should indicate it is "old" and not the post86 products, however on the bottom of the Figure 8 Tray, all the way over on one side (towards the rim) there is a capital letter "A." There is no double letter code like on newer products there with it or anywhere else. It is definitely not an "H" as also seen on newer products ... it is very visibly an "A." All 3 pieces are cobalt. I received it as a set and it is the Figure 8 Tray, Bud Vase and I believe the last piece is a Creamer (no lid). The "A" is only on the Figure 8 Tray, but all 3 pieces have the lowercase "fiesta" marking.

Do you have any thoughts on the capital letter "A" or on wether it is actually "old"/vintage or new?


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