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Looking To Identify A "rare" Frankoma Piece

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I have a piece of Frankoma that i bought at an auction about 10yrs ago. I have never seen this particular item before or since.

it is a round bowl (kinda like a ball shape) there is a round opening in the top about 3inches in diameter, around this opening there are about 8 smaller holes about the size of a pencil. it has 3 legs/feet on the bottom of it. is marked Frankoma.

at this time i have it packed away but am going to find it this week so i can post a picture of it if needed.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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The piece you describe sounds like a fondue pot that Frankoma made back in the 70s. The holes around the rim are for holding skewers. I see these occasionally on eBay. I do not have my reference books handy at the moment, but when I get back to them, I'll see if I can get more definite information and "book value" for you.

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I'm guessing it was the Pow-wow piece. Three legs, 12 metal skewers. I believe it was originally sold without a lid. The pictures I've seen have about 12 holes around the rim, although it wouldn't surprise me if the number of holes varied. I believe the one I used to have also had 12 holes and the skewers were 4 colors, 3 of each color.

Value is listed as $25-30 complete, but I would guess that it would bring more than that. Sold from 57-61, code 826. Original price was $6 for the set.

There was also a Fondue pot listed in the book (code FD), but I have never seen one. I wonder if it's the same thing.

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