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Frankhoma Mug

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Frankoma dinnerware typically had a two part code. The number indicates the pattern and the letter indicates the item.

'4' says that it's a Lazybones pattern, first introduced around 1953. M is for the larger (18-20 oz) mug, sort of roundish in shape. This mug was very popular being used for custom products right up to the present.

Frankoma switched from Ada to Sapulpa clay about the time that Lazybones came out, so Ada clay pieces are fairly unusually. Typically, Ada clay was a light honey tan color, although by the 1950s, it was becoming more brownish. Sapulpa clay has a reddish tint, with the shade somewhat dependent on the time of production. It started as a medium red, then became a very deep red color, and since around 1980 has become progressively lighter. If you can post a picture of the bottom of your mug, it will help with the identification.

If ti's Ada clay, I'd probably value it around $15-20 max. Early Sapulpa clay around $10-15 and later Sapulpa perhaps $5-10.

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