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Frankoma # 31 Vase

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Can anyone tell me about the # 31 vase? It is stamped FRANKOMA on the bottom with the # 31 underlined and upside down.

I missed your post while I was out of the country - sorry for the delay in responding.

If it's a #31, it would be the snail vase. You see them quite frequently on eBay and antique shops. I currently have about 30 different colors in my collection. The mark on the bottom varies quite a bit - this item was popular so the molds were remade frequently, and the mark was not standardized. You often see 31 and Frankoma. Occasionally underlined 31 and Frankoma. I don't recall seeing the 31 underlined and upside down with the word Frankoma, but since the Frankoma marks vary so much, that probably doesn't add much value.

Book value is $5-6 for Sapulpa (pink or reddish) clay and $35-45 for Ada clay (tan or honey color). It is listed as $75-85 for the Norman marks which are much rarer). I think the price for Ada clay is fair, the book value for Sapulpa clay is too low, in my opinion (should be more like $10-15). The Norman ones are rare enough that I suspect they should be worth more than the stated value, as well.

If you have a picture (make sure you show both the top and bottom), I can probably help you figure out which one it is.

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