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Jolly Time Metal Bowls, Are They Hlc?

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Hi. I was rummaging through boxes in my attic and I ran across some metal bowls that are distinctly original fiesta colors: red, cobalt blue, light green, old ivory and yellow. They are actually metal advertising bowls for Jolly Time Pop Corn. They have "Eat More Jolly Time Pop Corn" stamped in the bottom of each bowl. I have a very large red bowl and then 4 individual bowls in cobalt blue, yellow, light green and old ivory colors. Does anyone know if HLC ever produced these bowls for Jolly Time? It's completely a wild guess on my part, but the colors are exactly Fiesta's original five colors, so perhaps. My intent is to find out their current value.

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Sorry, but the Homer Laughlin China Company has never manufactured anything but china. From time to time, HLC offers "go-alongs"; that is, items such as dish towels, mug trees, flatware, etc., that match the Fiestaware colors, but they are manufactured for them by others.

If you want to find out the worth of your pieces, look around on ebay and see if you can find anything similar. I just did a quick search on ebay for "jolly time" under Collectibles, and there are number of old items listed. No bowls, but you never know what's going to come up on ebay.

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