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"screw Up" Cook'n

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I was making Apple pies for church and screwed up and didn't put any water in one. It was dryer than Lake Hubbard. So, I went to the refer and grabbed a liter of TreeTop Kiwi Strawberry Juce and pored some thru the holes and took off for Nevada, a one hour drive.

Yup, people raved over the scew up and wouldn't touch the one that I thought I made correctly.

You will note from my post on "Nuggets" that this falls right in line with removing water from recipes. Substituting something else that goes with the flow; juce, wine, beef or chicken broth or some of the other nutty things you see the D.O. (dutch oven) boys doing.

I avoid Aluminum like the plague; don't cook with it, don't drink from it in cans, don't have an aluminum D.O., and I quit spraying Aluminum under my arm pits. All deoderants use Al in the mix and the first thing showing up in breast cancer are swollen nodes under the arm. (Da) I use an Asian Stone from the health food store.

The D. O. boys are talking about lining their D.O. with aluminum foil and cooking a meal in it. If you can drive some aluminum into anything, a fire ought to do it. The leading cause of alzhimers is ..... the big AL connection.

The D. O. boys are also cooking with beer, soda pop and commercial cake mix. The beer might be O.K., but the rest is Hollywood and Vine.

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