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Know A "cooking Nugget"

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O.K., I am inundated with five new cook books: Border Cooking, The Only Texas Cook Book, SW Cooking, The Best of Helen Corbitt, and Mrs. Blackwell which is late getting here.

In my post on building a house I told how one of two books in the preface, yes, they are there to read not take up space at the begining of every book, I was able to pick up a huge "nugget": look for one section of a floor plan that you like and build or add on to that with other rooms from other floor plans. This hint built my house that I love.

The same things are true in cook books and we should keep a diary on Nuggets from all the cook books that we read during our life time.

Here are some I got from my new books:

Don't live in someone else's house and don't cook with someone else's recipe. Change them and make them your own. You an't a cook, til you do.

In any recipe take out large amounts of water and substitute something that "goes with the flow" of the ingredients; such as wine, chicken or beef broth, juce, or beer and pop.

Things that crack me up: Stew recipes that don't have either wine, lots of celery or leeks in the contents. Tie a string around long stalks of celery and cook it in there and pull it out. Get the flavor in the juce and it is cheaper than leeks.

Corn Bread recipes that have; 1. as much flour in them as cornmeal, I use about half flour to corn, and 2. recipes that call for excessive amounts, 1/2 cup sugar, if your c____ tastes so bad you need that much sugar, DINE OUT!

The biggest mistake cooks make in cooking is to fail to cook with a pan that is: 1. hot enought, and 2. worth a darn - get an allclad or a world famous 10" cast iron skillet for Texas cooking; why, cook with one and see, I can't properly tell you.

Any recipe is just a rough guide line, you are supposed to be a cook.

You aren't a cowboy/girl until you've bought/birthed out and shown a crooked legged colt; cooking isn't much different. Some of the things you try will have crooked legs and the slope of their shoulders won't match the slope of their pasterns.

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