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Frankoma Turquoise Gravy Boat And Platter

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Hello, I am so glad I found this web site! I have been looking online for hours trying to research some Frankoma pottery my father had. Dad is from Texas, but most of his ancestors were from Pontotoc,OK,now known as Ada, OK. His mother gave him the Frankoma years ago and unfortunately he doesn't remember anything

at all as to what she told him about the Frankoma.

They are two pieces that look more turquoise than blue to me, a gravy boat where the gravy can pour out on either end, the handle is in the middle, if you tip the boat left gravy pours out the left side, tip it right, pours out the right side, underneath is stamped FRANKOMA GS.

This gravy boat is so unsual looking, I have never seen one where you could pour from more than one place.

The second piece is the same color and style as the gravy boat. It looks to be the piece you would set the gravy boat onto and is stamped FRANKOMA 5PS.

Any help anyone could give as far as information on the two pieces would be really appreciated.

Thank you and I look forward to any replies or any in formation on this Frankoma pottery.

Loreece in Midland

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You have a Westwind 2 spout gravy boat (6S) and a Plainsman 9" platter (5PS). Book value puts them at $6-8 each, but I've seen the gravy boat go as high as $25.

If you post a picture, it would help with the color, but I'm guessing that it's teal. Teal is not listed in some of the color listings, but you can see it here (http://frankoma.org/glaze.html). Color doesn't change the value much on modern pieces like this. If it is teal, you'll have a hard time finding matching pieces as the were not really common.

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