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Dan Blocker / Hoss Cartwright

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When Dan was a freshman in High School, the team took special pride in introducing him to their age old enemies on the football field. No one had seen him before and he was 6' 4" and weighed 240.

The bus would pull up to the opposing teams field and go park on the home teams side, not the visitors. This would upset the home team no end and they would come over.

The bus would have all the athletic gear piled up on the windows so no one could see in.

The bus would start rocking and shaking and screams and hollering could be heard. Then the door would fly open and Dan would go rolling out screaming and hollering.

He would get up, dust himself off, look down on the stupified faces of the player's, casually walk over to the bus door and scream, "Coach, those big boys are pickin on me again."

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