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Lep Cookies

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For years I have been looking for a Tex-German recipe for Lep Cookies. Not Lebkuchen, but Lep Cookies. They are a pecan ice box cookie that is cooked first, then spread into a sheet pan and refrigerated. Chilled then sliced in squares. I have one from my Oma but it is all in enormous quantities by pounds and quarts. Does anyone have a more modern version? This was a very common Christmas cookie years ago in the area of New Braunfels, but I cannot find any references in community or church cookbooks. It seems to be a dying recipe and no one bakes it anymore. As delicious as it is, they are also very difficult to get right. You either wind up with crispy, light cookies or toothbreaking rocks.

Thank you to anyone who can share.

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I googled Lep Cookies and found all kinds of recipes, but none that describe the method of preparation you mention. Perhaps you should post your Oma's recipe, and perhaps someone with good math skills can pare it down to produce a more realistic quantity of cookies.

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