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The Best Books On Texas

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"Charles Goodnight (Bueno Noche) Cowman and Plainsman" by J. Evett Haley.

"Thirty Years - Army Life on the Border" by General R. B. Marcy (This is one of those books you will want to throw in the trash because of his "Boston" attitude) Stay the course. He documents Indian numbers better than anyone and has some keen comments on very important historical moments in Texas. He was the first to report on Texas as one who was the first to trace many of Texas rivers to their source.

To comprehend his mistake at Elk Mountain, Wyoming, go to a map. If he had traveled three days farther East and then turned South; he and his men would not have had to endure such a "Boston Experience in the Snow Capped Peaks of the Rockies." A Mexican packer had to take him by the hand and lead him out of the Rockies. For this, he paid the fellow $500 cash in New Mexico.

"My Life on the Plains" by General George A. Custer. He had the guts to ride into Comanche Territory (the Palo Duro Canyon) and put them on the reservation in Oklahoma; a very tenuous situation.

Notice in Goodnight, how the Comanche fled the reservation and came and camped one last time around Goodnight's Ranch in the Palo Duro Canyon; their old stomping grounds. Goodnight saved the Buffalo, or his wife did. They had their last buffalo hunt there.

"Life of General A. S. Johnston" by his brother. The only U.S. Officer to chase down and shoot a band of raiding Indians. Chased the Indians for two and a half days. No eating, no stopping and no rest. They ate their dead horses on the way home.

Officers that served in Texas formed the backbone of Officers for the North and South during the Civil War. Keep a list of the officers and places in Texas where he served. Johnston is left out of history at Ft. Amnesia, i.e. Ft. Bridger, Wy. The crap he indured from the officers above him caused him to resign his commission and be available to fight for the South when the Civil War broke out. This book is a must read if you are a serious history buff.

"Tales of Old Time Texas" by J. Frank Dobie.

"Cattle Kings of Texas" by C. L. Douglas.

New Mexico History:

Tales from the Bloated Goat; No Life for a Lady (my favorite book of all times); Black Range Tales; A Hundred Years of Horse Tracks; Cochise by Sweeney. High Lonsome Books - in N. M. and on the net. Most are out of print, but they have their own supply.

I live on the Oregon Trail in Idaho. Books on this development include:

"Five Years a Dragoon" by Lowe; "Broken Hand" by Hafen; "The Journals of Lewis "and Clark" by DeVoto; Six Decades Back" by Walgamott.

You An't a Texan, if you don't know our history!

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