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Can You Tell Me About These Vases?

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hi everyone.

I have these awesome vases. and I want to know if anyone knows anything about them

they are two vases, one green, one gold, and the # is 32. they are about 4 inches tall and look like little rocket ships kinda.

.... age, value, is there a style name?

They are my favorites and i would love to know more.

ThanksEmail me

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Frankoma made the #32 bud vase from 1953 to 1975. Yours are Prairie Green and Desert Gold. Without a photo of the bottom of the vases, I can't tell if they are Ada clay (light beige) or Sapulpa clay (ranging from dark red to orange-pink). It matters because Frankoma used Ada clay until 1954, so the older vases made of Ada clay are more valuable. Book value for the #32 is $10-15 for Sapulpa clay and $20-25 for Ada clay pieces. Check them out on eBay and see what they're going for.

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