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Aztec Mayan Small Tall Pitcher 7J... Need Info

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I can't find this pitcher or teapot on any website. I know it is Aztec-Mayan design.

It is a little under 5 inches, much smaller than other pitchers, but different from a creamer.

Searches for mold 7j turn up only single serving teapots of a very round shape.

Did it have a lid?

Is this a retired mold?

Any idea on date?

The clay stays the same color when wetted... Ada clay?

If there is a tiny chip on the spout, does this hurt the value by much?

What is the name of the glaze color?

thanks a bunch




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There were two 7J teapots. One is the 2 cup short teapot and the other is 2 cup tall. I'm guessing yours is the latter. You can find pictures on page 149 of Schaum's book. Price is listed as $25-45. Since yours doesn't have the lid, put it at the lower end of that range

Mayan Aztec was made in both Ada and Sapulpa clay. From the looks of yours, it's probably Ada.

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