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Texas Quickie ..... Breakfast

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In a 12" cast iron skillet heat it up and throw in three handfulls of frozen corn and two of chopped onion with a good "pour" from the olive oil spout.

Now, the biggest mistake cooks of all types and age make in cooking is .... not cooking with a very hot skillet and cooking until things are on the verge of burning. Hash browns are supposed to be BROWN not white. My wife and I argue over that one all the time.

I cook a lot of fried mush and there are thangs lying around in there that drives old Nanner wild. I leave em in thar and add something else. That's good for another fit.

When the onions are done and the corn is brown put on a hot plate and start the hashbrowns. I think a can full of stewed tomatoes with green chillies would go in now but Nancy dosen't do hot and she thinks chillies are hot.

Then start the spuds in a 12" Allclad. They will be what Nancy calls burned on the outside edges, but they are just making hashbrowns. Salt and pepper them and flip them and start two eggs.

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