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Bicentennial Plates

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I have 2 Frankhoma Bicentennial Plates. #1 & #2. Any idea on what they are worth? Thanks.

Book value for the bicentennial plates is $12-15, but I have been getting more like $25-30 in my store, so I think that's too low. Like anything, it all comes down to how much the buyer wants to pay. You'd probably get $10-15 on eBay (max) and maybe $35 or more in a high end antique store with lots of Frankoma fans.

Note that there are two exceptions. There were a number of rarities in the first year (1972). First, a limited number were made with prairie green and desert gold rather than the standard white. Second, a couple hundred were made with 'states' misspelled as 'statis'. Those two rare pieces are in the range of $125 or so, although like anything rare, the price could be all over the map depending on how successfully the seller reaches interested buyers.

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