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Helen Corbitt's A Little Bit Of West Texas

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For a bit of extra money I ran the cookers at the Green Giant Corn Pack several years ago. Before sun up, we went off shift and drifted into the cafeteria. I sat there in my ignorance for a month and laughed up my sleeve at those eating Mexican Bean Soup for breakfast. Then I tried it; wow, good.

I pulled the Mexican Cowboy Bean recipe off the net.


I cooked according to directions with these variations: cumin powder, sweet basil, soaked over night and cooked about two hours longer, I'm at 3600 feet and water boils cooler. I did not stir the beans and put four or five nuckels of water over the beans at the start. (use cumin powder, one tsp and don't drain - works)

This recipe calls for two tomatoes, 6 Oz Chorizo and 5 chilies de Arbol which I had never used before but was at my local grocery store. I had just read at the "In Mexico site" that green arbols were mild but at the end of the season they were dry, red and hot. I cooled my red dry ones down by soaking them in hot salt water for two hours. My wife can't take hot and surprisingly, many Mexicans can't either.

I also got the cookbook, "The best from Helen Corbitt's Kitchens" and baked the Texas Corn Bread recipe in a ten inch cast iron pot. This recipe calls for one cup corn meal and one half cup of flour plus one fourth cup of shortning which I used olive oil. I also used my fresh oven roasted and hand ground corn meal. (after that cornbread cooled, olive oil ran out of it at 3600 ft. alt.; I'm cutting the oil in half next time)

There is corn bread and then there is Heaven. I know grown Mexicans and Texans that would sit down and cry trears of joy for this meal. It is that good.

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Many of the authentic Mexican restaurants still serve bean soup as an prelude to the meal.

Great stuff!

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