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Chocolate -- Ivory -- Lemongrass

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Back when Homer Laughlin announced each of their most recent three colors -- chocolate, ivory and lemongrass -- I wasn't too impressed. I hadn't seen them, but they didn't seem all that appealing. So in July when I attended the annual conference of the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA), I had an opportunity to see all three. Since the conference was in Pittsburgh this year, we took a field trip to the Homer Laughlin factory, which is in Newell, West Virginia, a pleasant drive from Pittsburgh. After touring the factory, we visited the showroom and there I saw a table beautifully set with a combination of chocolate and ivory. We then went to the outlet store -- a wondrous place for a Fiesta fan. I wanted to complete my collection of mini disc pitchers with the three latest colors and see what other treasures I could find.

So here are my mini disc pitchers, lovely little things, and I am really amazed at how well these colors look together.


Lemongrass, by the way, is lighter in color than chartreuse.

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I agree seeing them together makes a big difference. The colors are amazing and I love the design of the pitchers. Beautiful set!

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