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Who Will Eat Tonight?

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I’m looking out my window at three new center pivots being installed on about six hundred acres of my neighbor’s fields. Two years ago the drought mandated 73% irrigation water for our crops, last year we were at 43% and crop prices were going up. These neighbors want to stretch their water. They were irrigating from a ditch and the top half get more water than the bottom. From Texas to Washington, we are getting dryer and dryer.

Food inventories are a thing of the past. There are no food warehouses other than those owned by the commodity owners. If we have another attack, or a rolling black out, storm, earthquake; all of which are happening on a more and more frequent basis; what will happen to your meals? I can tell you. You won’t be eating tonight unless you stock up on 25 pound bags of beans, a plastic 55 gallon barrel of water, raise chickens, rabbits or goats because you can keep them without refrigeration and eat them before they spoil.

"Seed savers" ( sell seeds that are not hybreds. You can plant their seed and it will regenerate itself. Plan and keep garden seed on hand.

Each center pivot takes a $10,000 cash deposit in the spring before Idaho power will turn on the power for their operation. If the farmer doesn’t have that kind of change laying around in the bank, or if our rivers don’t produce enough power, or if there is no water in our aquifer or lakes or streams, we are in a world of hurt.

The difference between being an "alarmist" and "real" is who will eat tonight.

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