Looking For Peach Cobbler Recipe

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Angenette writes us:

I am looking for an old fation peach cobbler recipe and a old fation tea cake recipe please help.

Texas Cooking Replies:

Angenette --

There are two kinds of peach cobblers in one of our articles, "Peach Cobbler Face-Off". I've sent you the link to that article below. Both peach cobbler recipes are in our cookbook, too.

Article link is . If you go to our front page at you'll see the link to our cookbook ("Grandma's Cookbook"). You'll find both those recipes and many, many others. They are listed under "Other Desserts." I have an old-fashioned teacakes recipe somewhere. It's not in our cookbook (yet). I'll look around for it and send it to you.

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Patricia Mitchell

Texas Cooking Online

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