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We just inherited 30 GOP mugs from 1968 through 1998. With the exception of the 1974 one. We have the 69 Nixon-Agnew, the 73 Nixon-Agnew, the 85 Reagan-Bush and the 89 Bush-Quayle. Can you give me an idea of what is the best way to sell these? Is it best to use E-bay or would an antique auction be better? I also have a small red with brown interior pitcher and bowl. They are marked on the bottom with 40A on the pitcher and 40B on the bowl? Does anyone have an idea of what it is worth? I live in Iowa but my great aunt lived in Oklahoma and was born and raised in Sapulpa. Thanks for any information anyone can give me. I'm new to all this collectible stuff.

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The political mugs are fairly common and not terribly valuable (other than the 1974 Nixon/Ford mug and the occasional rarity glazed with the wrong color). Your best bet is probably Craigslist or eBay, although a lot of collections are not selling on eBay, or not bringing very much. You can get an idea of prices at http://frankoma.org/politicalmug.html. These prices are probably reasonably in line with the maximum you will get, although it's not easy to find a buyer.

The pitcher and bowl color is called flame. That's a reasonably popular color and does tend to bring slightly higher prices than some of the other colors. I would sell that in my store for $30 in common colors and about $35 in flame, although that's higher than most antique stores are able to get. More typically, an antique store might get $20 and you might get $10-15 by selling it on eBay (maybe a bit more because of the color).

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