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Ranch Running "w" Design

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We have a complete dinnerware set, canister set, salt & pepper shakers, etc... that we have in the black "Ranch" design with the discontinued running "W" brand.

We have this and was told be a friend that it was highly collectable and rare. We love the pottery but was curious about the popularity of the design.

Also, if it is of a value that we need to insure it or just "use it". We love the design and just love looking at it.

Any information you have would be of great help and would be appreciated.


Teresa Smothers

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Since you haven't gotten another response, I'll give it a try, although I'm not really well informed on the earlier Ranch designs.

If I remember the story correctly, when Frankoma first introduced the Ranch pattern, one of the brands they used was a registered trademark and they were asked (or, perhaps, ordered) to remove it. They did so and came out with the current ranch pattern. Your pattern is one of the ones from the short time when they were using the trademarked brand.

While it probably has some value, I'd be surprised if it was large enough to avoid using it on a daily basis, but you should probably wait for an answer from someone who knows for sure --- or contact one of the Frankoma collecting organizations directly.

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