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Yerba Mate

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At age 35 my dislike of coffee accelerated. My stomach told me things were changing. I didn't know if the coffe wasn't the same or me.

Then my son brought home some yerba mate. There are different places to get it but I use www.guayaki.com. If I started telling you all the things South American's use this stuff for, you wouldn't believe me. If I told you what the scientists have found in it, same thing. I can tell you I am on my second year of drinking it and it gives me strength, builds my imune system to the point that I have very few sick days and my wife works E.R. and can bring home a ton of junk that three counties and two states dump on her.

It tastes like any other green tea. I buy the original that is stems and leaves and have compaired it to just leaves and the original is better. Don't boil it, baby it. Mix with a small amount of cold water for a few minutes and then seep it with hot tap water for another 15. I mix mine with half Apple Cider and then warm in the microwave.

Drink it at night, and it puts you to sleep. It is completely different from coffee. It contains 196 known beneficial chemical compounds. Natives during a drought/famine drink this tea and eat nothing and come thru in relative good shape.

There a ton of testimonials at the Guayaki site. Look for yourself.

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Hi guys there!

We have been asked a lots of time about Yerba Mate and Caffeine.

Dried yerba mate tea contains around 1% available caffeine (ranging from 0.5-2%) when made into a tea with warm to hot water. Hot water appears to provide very good solubility for the caffeine and theobromine, although ethanol (alcohol) and super critical carbon dioxide have been investigated for commercial production of extracts.

Boiling water reportedly extracts slightly (5-10%) more caffeine than cold or hot water steeping. It is said that boiled yerba mate tea is less pleasant tasting which may be the result of additional materials such as tannins and oils being extracted from the leaves in addition to caffeine.

Researchers at the Free Hygienic Institute of Homburg, Germany, concluded that even if there were caffeine in mate', the amount would be so tiny that it would take 100 tea bags of mate' in a six ounce cup of water to equal the caffeine in a six ounce serving of regular coffee.

If you want to know more about this great tea, Yerba Mate, please visit our website:


You will find history, nutrition properties, helpful links and lots of Organic Yerba Mate brands.

Also, hereĀ“s a slide show in 9 steps to learn how to brew Yerba Mate the south american way:


Would love to hear some feedback!

Have a nice day!

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