Large Frankoma Console Bowl #217

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I have a wonderful Frankoma Console Bowl marked #217. I am trying to find more information on the bowl, but am having trouble finding another bowl of this size. The bowl has a crack on the underside, which appears to have occurred during its firing process, because the glaze contours into the crack.

Could this have been a prototype of some sort that was discontinued? I feel this is possible, and maybe it was discovered that the bowls of this size did not handle the firing process well. I notice pieces of this size are quite difficult to come by.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!


Frankoma Console Bowl

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This bowl is not really common, but it's not rare, either. It is certainly not a prototype - it was a normal production item. While it's true that it's harder to fire large items than small ones, there are several items as large as your bowl. Value in Schaum's book is $15-20.

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