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Id Help Needed For Coffeepot Set

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Can anyone help me ID this set of Frankoma? I found it at a yard sale last weekend & I would like to know more about it. There is a coffeepot/teapot? with a lid, a small creamer & sugar, & 5 mugs. I think from what I have been able to research so far on the internet that it's the Plainsman pattern, but I don't know what the color is called & exactly which pieces these are. I've attached pics of the set & of the bottoms. Can you help me date these items? How can I determine the value of this as a set? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. It is somewhat daunting to be a new collector of such cool pottery. THANKS!!!








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The carafe with lid is #82, manufactured from 1958 on. The mugs are C13 mugs which were supposedly produced from 1971 to 1991 (although I believe they were produced in limited quantities after that time. The creamer (#553) is a miniature, produced from 1942-57 (and then, in limited quantities, in the early 70's). The 'sugar' is listed as a mini vase from 1953 to 1996. None of these are Plainsman pieces.

The color is not 100% certain, but I would guess Autumn Yellow (1975-90). However, I'm not sure I agree with the conventional wisdom on the colors. Autumn Yellow is listed in most books as a pure yellow, although I believe some of the earlier pieces have black specks, more like Sunflower Yellow (yellow with black specs, produced from 1958-1960).

If all the pieces were purchased together, I would guess mid-70s and color of Autumn Yellow. If they were purchased separately, some of them may be Sunflower Yellow. I can't see enough detail in the pictures to be sure, but the most likely one for the earlier date would be the creamer.

The other argument for earlier dates is the color of the clay. If I had nothing else to go on, I would typically associate the bright red clay color with earlier dates (late 50's). That is certainly not foolproof, though.

Nice set. Enjoy.

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I forgot to mention - there are various sources for values, although they don't generally agree and none of them has been updated for a while. Using Gary Schaum's book which is the most recent:

Carafe with lid: $25 - 45

C13 mugs: $4 - 6 each

Creamer (553): $7 - 8

Vase (504): $15 - 20

All of these are based on Sapulpa clay - which they clearly are. They're all pre-1980 Sapulpa, although the exact age is hard to determine as mentioned above.

Frankly, I think most of the prices in Schaum's book are a bit low - we're selling at significantly higher prices without too much price resistance. I would most likely sell the carafe at around $50, the mugs at $10-15 each, the creamer at $20 and the vase at $25, but then, we have a great location with a large number of loyal customers and a great selection so it's much more likely that we'll have just that one piece a given customer needs than most stores. The average customer in a typical antique store might pay closer to Schaum's prices.

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Thanks so much for all the info!!!!! I had no idea of the value when I found this set. I knew nothing about Frankoma pottery. The only reason I stopped at this particular yard sale was because the bright yellow caught my eye while driving down the highway. I only paid $5 for all 8 pieces. If I should decide to sell it, can you recommend anywhere other than the obvious ebay?

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