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Microwave Cooking Covers / Great Cutting

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The wife purchased some microwave cooking covers sold as microwave dish covers to stop splatters. Have we used them that way; hardly ever. We slice bread and stuff like onions on them to save the counter top and not to have to go pull out the wood cutting board over the drawers on the base cabinet, cut your stuff and then clean up and try and pick something chopped up off them is impossible.

With the thin clear plastic cover, about 12 inches square, cut up some onions, pick up the cover and all and dump the onions into the pot and frizby that sucker into the sink for wash up. Much cleaner, faster and easier.

My Mom spent her whole life trying to figure out he most impossible way to do something and then she would hold on to that "way" like she found it in the Bible. It was such a relief to be on my own and discover easy ways of doing everything.

Perhaps we should start a post on "What Momma use to do." Some would be very good and some pretty funny.

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