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Help Please With Old Frankoma Vase

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I came across this old Frankoma vase, and I'm wondering about the glaze color.

I have the Schaum book 2001 edition, and I can't decide between Fawn and Old Gold based on the limited pictures of those two colors in the book. It did have a pic of the vase, though - Reed Vase #28.

These should link to larger versions (if I did it right... ha):




I'm also a bit confused about the mark and determining the value. The book shows pics of the mark, captioned as "Style 1" and "Style 2". I don't see any difference in the pics.

And does the vase's "cat mark" mean I should use the "Norman Mark" column in the book's value guide?

Thanks in advance! I found this board by way of the Frankoma Collector website. I've already read through some of the older threads and found a ton of useful info on some other pieces I'm researching.

- Chuck

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Wow! What a beauty! I'm at work and I don't have my Schaum book handy, so I can't address the "Style 1 & 2" issues right now. However, I'm fairly certain that the glaze is Faun. Faun was used from 1934 to 1942, and those dates correspond to the cat mark backstamp on your vase. And, yes, you can use the Norman Mark category in the Schaum book's value guide. When I get home, I'll take a look at your "Style 1 & 2" issues. Perhaps in the meantime, someone will chime in with the answer. But what a gorgeous vase this is!

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That was so fast - thank you very much!

Is the 2001 edition of the Schaum the latest?

And in case page numbers of what I'm looking at will help:

- Cat Mark: p. 10

- Old Gold glaze: p. 25 & 28 (both top right)

- Reed Vase: p. 29 (top right)

- Fawn glaze: p. 30 (middle), p. 39 (lower left), p. 40 (lower right), p. 46 (bottom)

The first Old Gold example is what's throwing me off. I see on the glaze list (page 14) that Old Gold became Desert Gold later on, but that first Vase #21 looks nothing like the Desert Gold pieces I've seen in person or the other Desert Gold examples in the book.

I just found other Fawn examples in the book - ha. Pages 75, 76, 77 & 80. And a perfect example of why I'm so confused: The fish on page 86 looks nothing like the pipe rest on page 87, and it says both are Fawn.


Thanks again - I appreciate the help.

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I also don't know the difference between Style 1 and Style 2. Looking at Schaum's book, the only difference I can see is that the head is a tiny but farther from the leg in Style 2 than in Style 1. If that's the difference, yours seems to be Style 2 (although it's hard to tell because it's missing much of its head). In the end, it doesn't matter much - the values are about the same and I'm not even sure that John Frank meant for them to be different styles, anyway.

The color is interesting. Allowing for differences in color reproduction, please look at Dusty Rose, as well. I agree that it's more likely to be faun than old gold. Dusty rose sometimes isn't very rosy at all. I don't think that's likely and if your picture is a faithful rendition of the color, I'd go with Faun. But if the piece is actually a bit rosier than the picture you provided, it's a possibility.

Schaum's latest book is the 2005-06 edition. There's not a huge difference from the older one other than the prices.

I'm not convinced that it's correct to say that Old Gold was renamed Desert Gold. It looks to me like they were different glazes, but I'm not an expert on the older stuff, so I may be wrong.

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Thanks for your thoughts, Joe.

I think you're right about the different cat marks. As I've read more about it, I think the differences were in size, depending on the size of the piece they were marking. When I list this on eBay, I think I'll just skip the "Style X" issue altogether.

The more I've looked at the vase and various pics, I believe the glaze is Fawn. It's a matte finish, with evenly speckled color. I finally found a picture of a salt & pepper set at the Frankoma Collector site that is very close to the color of my vase.

Frankoma Collector

I appreciate both your help! I think I've been bitten by the Frankoma bug, so I'm sure I'll be bugging ya again.

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