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Need A Texas Caviar Recipe - Beans

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You know those beans they serve with steak (pinto). I'm trying to think of the name of that steak house as you leave to go north out of El Paso, next to the freeway, "Texas Land and Cattle Company" perhaps. Boy, they serve good beans and steak there.

Most, don't salt their beans till last, put in enough water to start with and never add any and there are a bunch of other rules. Can someone please take me thruough it. Thanks.

I went to seed savers . com and raised the three sisters last summer; aztec blue corn, Hadasa Shield pole beans on the corn with squash in the center. The squash got a blight and died and the other two did well even thou I started late with ditching and hay and all. I will plant all of my seed this year and eat some next.

We just got two inches of rain in two days, Filer, Idaho. The Farmers Almanac is already wrong. It called for only 1/2 a inch in December. Sun Valley has opened and is booked. Arizona is getting a lot and Breckenridge, Texas where I grew up, got six feet of run off in their lake a month ago.

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I finally found this site right here on Texas Cooking. Everything you ever wanted to know about beans including bean pie. How did I get pointed in the right direction?: Google/texas beans.

Here is another very similar recipe with a few more details:


Googling isn't rocket science. The simpler you keep your search, the better you do.


Above is what I consider another excellent bean recipe, Mexican Cowboy Beans from the cookbook Cocina de la Familia. As you come to items you have never used or seen before, Google them and study to see if they are something you would not like to use or something that may be the missing ingredient you have been looking for.

Her is an example, the long small green chili, chilis de Arbol.


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