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Grocery Shopping For The Three Creek Ranch

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I can't remember why, but I pulled into Winco in Twin Falls, Idaho at 2:00 AM to shop.

I saw the two ton flat bed, crew cab, with one ton of mud on it, with several dogs in back in the very empty parking lot and wondered what was going on. By the way, huge clue, it was Sunday Morning.

Inside, the night crew was cleaning up and restocking afte getting hammered on Saturday.

Then came the circus. Drunk cowboys were shopping, about four of them. They had closed the bars and were "pick'n up some thangs." One had a grocery cart full of bread, one steak, one eggs and bacon and one had can goods.

The guys running the fork lifts knew them and were chasing them down the isles. The cowboys were tryng to cut the corners fast enough to make the fork lift hit the stacked cans.

Winco ought to charge admission for that performance. It was a hoot.

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