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  1. Frankoma Bean Pot- Color? Year? Value?

    Here is info from McBain's Frankoma Reference book: BP Bean Pot 1982-Cur $4.00-$5.00 Here is some glaze info from http://www.frankomaland.com/frankoma_glaze_identification.php Mountain Haze 1987 - 1992 Bluish Gray So yes, your bean pot was probably made in the 1980's.
  2. Frankoma tile fireplace

    MicalGeorge - Do you use Facebook? (I hope it is ok to talk about FB on this website.) There is a longtime Frankoma collecter and seller who also does excellent repairs named Brenda Seabolt Belshe on FB. She manages one of the Frankoma FB groups for selling Frankoma - called "Frankoma Treasures". Brenda Belshe lives in Sapulpa OK, where Frankoma was made, and was / is friends with the Frank family. I do not think I have Brenda's email address or phone number. I have interacted with her via FB and in person at the annual gathering of Frankoma Collectors in Sapulpa, OK each fall. There is a very large FB group (over 1800 members) for Frankoma collectors called "Frankoma Pottery Fans" which includes longtime collectors like Brenda, several past employees of the Frankoma factory, the present owner of the brand, and many others. Frankoma made a few tiles, mostly for decorations or trivets. The Franks house in Sapulpa, OK has Frankoma tiles throughout on walls and fireplace. You can see it in this YouTube video. Jane Wiegand
  3. Question About Our Wagon Wheel Collection?

    I have collected Frankoma for 30 years. There are a lot of resources available for you to learn about your Frankoma. One of the best places to start is with the "Frankoma Pottery Fans" group in Facebook. This group is an information only group - no buying or selling. The former owners and employees of Frankoma participate in this group. There are other Facebook groups for buying and selling between members, just search for "Frankoma". There are some very good history of Frankoma websites that collectors have created. Search for "Frankoma Pottery History". These resources will provide you with pictures showing the many colors and variations of Frankoma glazes and clays. Your green and brown glaze is known as Prairie Green and was used from the beginning to the end of Frankoma's production. Frankoma used three sources for clay during its production - and you can tell the age of the item by looking at the color of the unglazed clay. The oldest is the creamy colored clay known as Ada clay, because it came from land near Ada, OK - used from 1933-1954. The dark red clay is known as old Sapulpa red clay which they used from 1955-1970. The newest clay was a lighter red clay known as new Sapulpa pink clay used from 1970 to current. Dinnerware plates are glazed are the bottom, but usually have a circle that is unglazed. The wagon wheel dinnerware was produced 1942-1988 so it spans all of the clays, which is why you see variations in it. Enjoy your handmade in Oklahoma Frankoma and check out the resources I mentioned for more information.
  4. Unash Tray

    Congratulations on your unique piece of Frankoma. I personally have not seen one of these but do not collect many of the pieces made in the last 30 years. When Frankoma began using the decals for decorations, the number of unique pieces expanded greatly. The shape of this is interesting, and I wonder if they would have become popular. Thanks for posting.