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  1. We are devastated! I have lost our bbq sauce recipe - and haven't been able to find anything even similar - so far. I hope y'all can help! The recipe came off a sack of bbq charcoal - about 50 YEARS AGO. I don't recall the name of the charcoal manufacturer. We lived in Oklahoma City at the time - so I assume the company wasn't East of the Mississippi - but I can't swear to it. The recipe included the following - and I am approximating quantities, when I can remember them... 1-2 green peppers 3-4 lg onions 14 oz of catsup (a small bottle) ??2?? c of water 2-3 cl of garlic 1 c ???? vinegar white and brown sugar - 1 c of each or 1/2 c of each ???? (I added the brown sugar) worchestershire 3-4 Tabl ??? mustard powder 1-2 tsp ??? 1 stick of butter ??? chili powder ??? salt/pepper I don't remember any additional 'hot' stuff - the quantity of mustard powder zipped it up pretty good. The original recipe probably said to saute the onions and green pepper, then add the other ingredients and simmer. I revised it, and put 1/2 c water in the blender, put in the roughly chopped green pepper and onion, blended until it was a slurry, then put it into a large pan, along with the rest of the ingredients, and simmered 30-minutes to an hour. It was a little sweet, a little tart, and was really good on anything you could put it on. I made double or triple recipes, then canned it in pint jars - and it keeps over 2 years, canned. (Just found the last pint, after moving.) I hope someone can help! I am the only one in the family who SERIOUSLY used the recipe - as my sister was too lazy, my daughter didn't like the sauce, and my granddaughter doesn't like BBQ! (Am I really related to these people?!?) ;D HELP please! Thanks!