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  1. I have a geiger counter and know about the red plates with uranium. Just bought a plate and small bowl the other day. They must be pre-war since they are quite "hot". I have a video where I show the geiger counter readings but you also get a nice view of the front and backs of both items. The 9 1/4" plate is fully glazed on both sides and has the proper ring layout on the top but no markings on the back. Both items do have the 3 "holes" on the back. Have heard that some fiestaware may not have any markings. Is this true? Anyhow, the plate has a design on it, albeit a bit worn off. Not sure if a decal but appears to be on top of the glaze. Maybe added by another company after manufacturer or added by the owner as a one of a kind item. Anyone have any more info on this plate? Searched the internet but have not found another like it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Video: