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  1. Help With Id

    Update to the second question. I have found the shape name for the other pieces. They are Denver Mugs, the ones I have are made in Fiesta colors Perwinkle and Turqoise (I think, they match the coffee/saucer pieces that are Fiesta). Does anyone know what the production dates are for this line? Thank you!
  2. A couple of questions,one on Fiesta ID and one on other HLC. I've been reading through a lot of the info on this site and I've learned a ton, so thank you who ever I owe that thanks to. I've come across a set of tea cups (I'm not sure if "tea" cup is the proper name) and saucers in what appears to be periwinkle and turquoise. The saucers are clearly marked with a modern capital F logo, so there isn’t any question there. The cups however, are being difficult. They do have the “C’ style handle, so they have to be post ’60. (I think) But I’m having difficulty dating them past that. The logo is so faint that I can really only make out 2 of the 12, most of the others I can tell there is a mark of some type, but can’t identify. And a couple look blank. The logo I can make out is definitely lower case, with HLC at the top and USA at the bottom. The questions; Is it possible that a post 86 piece would have the older mark? Do tea cups normally have such faint markings? And do those color names look right? The other question – Does anyone know of some sources for identifying and dating other HLC pieces. I have some coffee mugs that I previously thought were Fiesta, but have no rings, and the mark is only HLC. I’d like to get an idea of date, and maybe a design name. Thank you!