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  1. Paprika that is. We have been stalking the Macy's near our house and they finally got it in. we are going to wait for it to go on sale to buy it for our collector friends and family!
  2. I loaded the china hutch with shades of green. In here are: 4 piece placesettings of Lemongrass, Evergreen, Juniper, and Shamrock Juniper Cake Plate Pearl Gray Vegetable Bowl Shamrock Betty Bowl Evergreen Macy's Bowl Juniper Coffee Carafe Pearl Gray Cream and Sugar Caddy Juniper Platter the Chartreuse vase was made by a lady that we used to live next to. I matched so I threw it in there.
  3. Everytime we go to antique malls we see what looks like Post 86 Sapphire. I think that it is antique Cobalt. How do you tell the difference?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving again!!!!!! As you can see, we are thankful for Fiestaware. Featured here are: Lemongrass, Shamrock, Heather and Scarlet Plates Rose Gravy Boat Periwinkle Butter Dish Ivory Medium Vegetable Bowl Turquoise Casserole Plum Pedestal Bowl Scarlet Large Vegetable Bowl Juniper Oval Platter Cinnabar Pie Baker
  5. i agree too. these colors come up together a lot in our rotation of colors. i also like Turquoise, Chocolate, and Ivory together.
  6. those are great pictures!!! love the Lilac Carafe!
  7. I was at Carson Pirie Scott today because a lady in Macy's told me they carried Fiesta. We saw several Marigold Large Oval Platters and Baking Bowls on sale. we are now stalking them until they are reduced some more.
  8. her it is in action. I just had lunch on it.
  9. fixed. i had uploaded them to facebook from my phone and i thought i would be able to share them out from there.
  10. we were in Macy's (Marshall Field's) in downtown today. we came across this and snatched it up. they also had a huge clearance on Shamrock and Black. ] it is a dinner plate and gusto bowl. the tag on the bottom even still had the Marshall Field tag.
  11. here is the comparison picture Chartreuse is on the right. Lemongrass is on the left.
  12. we went to Macy's in the Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie, IL. We got to see Lemongrass up close and personal. it looks exactly like Chartreuse. We are in the process of moving. We will purchase and post some comparsion pictures soon. While we were there, we found 2 four piece place settings of Black on clearance for $18 per set. We bought them for my sister-in-law and our best friends that recently started collecting post-86. Dylan
  13. thanks for the link. i checked it out, it is quite nice. They even posted a link about this forum.
  14. it would be nice, but no
  15. Here is the news release for the Marigold 19" Platter: Marigold Platter