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  1. Hi! I checked my Fiesta ware book and that is called the Compartment Plate (aka Grill Plate or Divided Plate). They call it 12 inches but the exact diameter is listed as 11 3/4 inches. If you check other sites for Fiesta Compartment plate you will get some more info. This size was only made in the first five colors, cobalt, green, red, ivory and yellow. Good luck, Kee
  2. Greetings! I have a pair of cobalt ball shaped candle holders that I believe are vintage. I've done some research and learned that the newer cobalt is darker, and the ball candle holders have a raised H on the base. My pair do NOT have the raised H, just the incised fiesta and HLC mark. I don't think these are as dark as the new ones, but its hard to be sure just comparing with the ones online. Is the absence of the raised H enough to say for sure that these are vintage? I tried several times to post photos to no avail, sorry about that. Thanks for any help! Kee