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  3. Looking for Snapka's tacos from the 50"s
  4. Here is info from McBain's Frankoma Reference book: BP Bean Pot 1982-Cur $4.00-$5.00 Here is some glaze info from Mountain Haze 1987 - 1992 Bluish Gray So yes, your bean pot was probably made in the 1980's.
  5. I found this little guy at a thrift store. It's obviously Frankoma and I've found that BP = bean pot. I think the glaze is mountain haze on terra cotta? It's more gray than the photo shows. I thought maybe mid-80s? What do you guys think?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to locate a two-cup yellow (the bright yellow color) Frankoma teapot. Does anyone know of one for sale?
  7. Wow. Decoration Ideas For Dark Chocolate Cake: I think this idea help you for Decorating Dark Chocolate Cake.
  8. 1. Using a proper dry ingredient measuring cup is very important. Those glass cups with spouts and measure up to 2 to 4 cups are for liquid measuring. 2. Use a spoon, scoop the flour into the measuring cup that you’re using to measure with. Don’t pack in the flour with your spoon or you’ll get too much. Don’t tap the measuring cup either. Just scoop it in. 3. Using the straight side of a butter knife, level off the flour – just once. Don’t use your finger, it’s not even.
  9. Eggs

    Thanks for your share!!
  10. MicalGeorge - Do you use Facebook? (I hope it is ok to talk about FB on this website.) There is a longtime Frankoma collecter and seller who also does excellent repairs named Brenda Seabolt Belshe on FB. She manages one of the Frankoma FB groups for selling Frankoma - called "Frankoma Treasures". Brenda Belshe lives in Sapulpa OK, where Frankoma was made, and was / is friends with the Frank family. I do not think I have Brenda's email address or phone number. I have interacted with her via FB and in person at the annual gathering of Frankoma Collectors in Sapulpa, OK each fall. There is a very large FB group (over 1800 members) for Frankoma collectors called "Frankoma Pottery Fans" which includes longtime collectors like Brenda, several past employees of the Frankoma factory, the present owner of the brand, and many others. Frankoma made a few tiles, mostly for decorations or trivets. The Franks house in Sapulpa, OK has Frankoma tiles throughout on walls and fireplace. You can see it in this YouTube video. Jane Wiegand
  11. What a surprise! I didn't know Frankoma made these tiles. Your problem is an interesting one to have. I googled "restoration of pottery" and came up with quite a few results. One in particular, Hamlin's Restoration Studio, has impressive photos of pieces they have restored. Their website is at I would love to see a photo of your fireplace, along with information about the tiles on your fireplace, as well as those you are salvaging from the house being torn down. Thank you for writing, and I hope you will keep in touch as to your success. Best of luck! Patricia Mitchell
  12. So I have a Frankoma tile fireplace in my home and I recently saved a bunch of tile from a house up the street they are unfortunately tearing down. One of the big pices I couldn't get out without damaging. Does anyone know where I could have it repaired? I want to use the pieces on my fireplace upstairs that was never tiled.
  13. Hello Daphne, While I am no expert on the Christmas design you mention, I will look into this since I have a great deal of interest in anything Fiesta. It would be most helpful if you can post a photo of the large disc pitcher in question. Patricia
  14. Hello, I am a Post 86 on and off collector for the past 15 years. I have slowed down a bit due to space! One of the items that I have in my collection is a large disc pitcher in Christmas Holly & Berry design but with no ribbon in the design (just the holly & berry) I have read that this was a very limited design (or a mistake). I am looking to find out a possible value. Does any have any information or ideas about this? Thank you, Daphne
  15. I love this Silver Sage Frankoma Sugar and Creamer set! (Sugar - 18A and Creamer 18, circa 1942) Enjoy!
  16. To measure flour, Use a spoon to fluff up the flour within the container. Use a spoon to scoop the flour into the measuring cup. Use a knife or other straight edged utensil to level the flour across the measuring cup.
  17. One of my favorite Frankoma pieces - a Mr. and Mrs. set that includes #450 Cigarette Box and #451 Ashtray with the #63 7-inch Pillow Vase. In Desert Gold. Happy #FrankomaFriday! Steve
  18. Happy Spinach Lovers Month! Eat more spinach!
  19. Uncovered this photograph of a Lemongrass place settling today! (Yes we have a page devoted Lemongrass Fiesta)
  20. We are devastated! I have lost our bbq sauce recipe - and haven't been able to find anything even similar - so far. I hope y'all can help! The recipe came off a sack of bbq charcoal - about 50 YEARS AGO. I don't recall the name of the charcoal manufacturer. We lived in Oklahoma City at the time - so I assume the company wasn't East of the Mississippi - but I can't swear to it. The recipe included the following - and I am approximating quantities, when I can remember them... 1-2 green peppers 3-4 lg onions 14 oz of catsup (a small bottle) ??2?? c of water 2-3 cl of garlic 1 c ???? vinegar white and brown sugar - 1 c of each or 1/2 c of each ???? (I added the brown sugar) worchestershire 3-4 Tabl ??? mustard powder 1-2 tsp ??? 1 stick of butter ??? chili powder ??? salt/pepper I don't remember any additional 'hot' stuff - the quantity of mustard powder zipped it up pretty good. The original recipe probably said to saute the onions and green pepper, then add the other ingredients and simmer. I revised it, and put 1/2 c water in the blender, put in the roughly chopped green pepper and onion, blended until it was a slurry, then put it into a large pan, along with the rest of the ingredients, and simmered 30-minutes to an hour. It was a little sweet, a little tart, and was really good on anything you could put it on. I made double or triple recipes, then canned it in pint jars - and it keeps over 2 years, canned. (Just found the last pint, after moving.) I hope someone can help! I am the only one in the family who SERIOUSLY used the recipe - as my sister was too lazy, my daughter didn't like the sauce, and my granddaughter doesn't like BBQ! (Am I really related to these people?!?) ;D HELP please! Thanks!
  21. Behold this lovely set of Frankoma - Guernsey Pitcher with set of four tumblers in Silver Sage. (Guernsey Pitcher #93, Tumblers #90C) Happy #FrankomaFriday!
  22. Submitted for your consideration: Foreground - vintage red, post-86 sunflower yellow Background - medium disk pitchers shamrock, apricot and sea mist
  23. Happy #FrankomaFriday, y'all! Today's post is the Frankoma Boot Wall Vase, Mold 133, Brown Satin. Look at the detail!
  24. Texas Independence Day Parade & 5K in Austin is a celebration of the great state of Texas and its independence. In addition to the 5k run up Congress Avenue and a lively parade, the family-friendly event features a Capitol Celebration in the Capitol Rotunda, a ceremony at the Joseph and Susanna Dickinson Hannig Museum and festive displays of Texas pride. Congress Avenue and the Ann W. Richards Bridge 305 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704
  25. Texas State Fair

    The State Fair of Texas commemorates 130 years of celebrating all things Texan by honoring agriculture and livestock in the Lone Star State. Features mouth-watering treats, free concerts, midway, barbecue and dutch oven cookoffs and much, much more! See Website For Hours And Details. Fair Park 1300 Robert B Cullum Blvd Dallas, TX 75210 214-565-9931
  26. Hi Debbie, maybe you could post a picture?
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